Alfred "Al" Kolkin oral history interview


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Alfred "Al" Kolkin oral history interview
Alfred "Al" Kolkin oral history interview
Brooklyn Navy Yard
Creation: 2008 July 15

During this oral history, Alfred speaks about his life growing up in New York and trying to find a job after graduating from high school during the Great Depression. He discusses his work as a machinist in Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Building 128, where he made ship parts and used a horizontal boring mill to finish the surfaces on castings for ship artillery. Alfred provides an overview of his union involvement and the difficulties of getting by with a family during union strikes. He further recalls his naval service and seeing Japan surrendering aboard the U.S.S. Missouri at the end of World War II. Alfred concludes this interview by reflecting on his jobs he took after the war concluded, including his work in machine shops, a tool and dye factory, and a printing factory.

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Alfred "Al" Kolkin, Interview, National Home Front Project, Washington College, Chestertown Maryland
Interview was recorded by Jennifer “Jenny” Egan, Sady Sullivan, and Judy Kaplan (daughter) through Brooklyn Navy Yard for the Starr Center of the American Experience National Home Front Project.
Japan Sea [43.5,135.75] [id:2038684]San Diego, San Diego, California, United States, NA [32.71571,-117.16472] [id:5391811]New York Naval Shipyard (historical), Kings, New York, United States, NA [40.70049,-73.97402] [id:5128621]Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States, NA [41.85003,-87.65005] [id:4887398]Seneca Army Air Field (historical), Seneca, New York, United States, NA [42.71535,-76.88163] [id:5137616]