Maybelle Broberg Oral History Interview


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Maybelle Broberg Oral History Interview
Maybelle Broberg Oral History Interview
July 13 2002
Maybelle Ortenblatt Broberg was born on 28 May 1925 on a farm near Murdock, 
Swift County, Minnesota. She attended country school (K-8) in Murdock, and then 
high school in nearby Willmar, graduating in 1942. During the war years 1941-45,
Maybelle lived at home on the farm. After high school she worked for about nine 
months at the Cargill Elevator in the neighboring town of Kerkhoven, and then for 
more than a year and a half as a bookkeeper at the State Bank of Kerkhoven.
Maybelle has recollections of civilian life during the war years: shortages, 
rationing, social life, and small town life in general.

After the war Maybelle got married (1946, husband Edmond Broberg), and 
the couple moved to a Swift County farm of their own. Maybelle and Edmond raised 
a family of six children, and Maybelle worked as a full-time homemaker. The 
Brobergs lived and worked on the farm until 1983, when they moved to Kerkhoven. 
At the time of this interview (July 2002) Edmond and Maybelle lived in the Swift 
County town of Kerkhoven.
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Maybelle Broberg, Interview, National Home Front Project, Washington College, Chestertown Maryland.
Interview was recorded by Dan Borkenhagen through Concordia University St. Paul for the Starr Center of the American Experience National Homefront Project.
Kerkhoven, Swift, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.19302,-95.32058] [id:5033113]City of Murdock, Swift, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.22361,-95.39417] [id:5038776]City of Willmar, Kandiyohi, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.12472,-95.04944] [id:5052929]