Gloria Johnson Oral History Interview


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Gloria Johnson Oral History Interview
Gloria Johnson Oral History Interview
March 30 2001
Gloria was born on 16 August 1926 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was raised and 
attended school there. Following high school graduation in 1944, Gloria worked at 
the Minneapolis Public Library until she went to college at the University of 
Minnesota, also in Minneapolis. She spent the war years at high school and as a 
college student.

Following the war, Gloria got married (husband Oscar); they raised a family 
of two daughters. Gloria worked at a number of different jobs over the years, 
including at a nursery school, an employment agency, and a trade school. In 1973, 
she moved to rural Hastings where she lived during retirement. Gloria was an 
active member of Christ Lutheran Church, and also enjoyed gardening, sewing, and 

Noteworthy in this interview is the discussion of the impact of war on everyday life, 
from the perspective of a high school student
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Gloria Johnson, Interview, National Home Front Project, Washington College, Chestertown Maryland. 
Interview was recorded by Joel Cates and Chad Horrmann through Concordia University St. Paul for the Starr Center of the American Experience National Homefront Project.
Hastings, Dakota, Minnesota, United States, NA [44.7433,-92.85243] [id:5029500]Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States, NA [44.97997,-93.26384] [id:5037649]