Donald "Don" Elliot Oral History Interview


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Donald "Don" Elliot Oral History Interview
Donald "Don" Elliot Oral History Interview
Florida Gulf Coast University
May 7 2018
Don recounts his memories of World War II, including stories about his relatives who served and German U-boats off the Florida coast. He speaks in depth about his best friend from childhood, how his friend’s family was forced into a Japanese American internment camp, and how the war impacted the family long-term.
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Donald "Don" Elliot, Interview, National Home Front Project, Washington College, Chestertown Maryland.
Interview was recorded by Graham Clark through Florida Gulf Coast University for the Starr Center of the American Experience National Homefront Project.
Fort Myers, Lee, Florida, United States, NA [26.62168,-81.84059] [id:4155995]Ohio, Ohio, United States, NA [40.25034,-83.00018] [id:5165418]Indiana, Indiana, United States, NA [40.00032,-86.25027] [id:4921868]