Gloria Berg Oral History Interview


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Gloria Berg Oral History Interview
Gloria Berg Oral History Interview
Thanks! Plain and Simple
June 11 2016
In this interview, Gloria speaks about her experiences working as a secretary at the Kellogg 
Army Air Base and then the 11th Naval District at Coronado Island off the coast of San Diego, 
California. Gloria recounts her first marriage, having children, and her later job as a secretary at a flagship Bank of America after the war. 
1h 11m 32s
Gloria Berg, Interview, National Home Front Project, Washington College, Chestertown Maryland.
Interview was recorded by Anne Montague and Buddie Curnette through Thanks! Plain and Simple for the Starr Center of the American Experience National Homefront Project.
Falls Church, Falls Church, Virginia, United States, NA [38.88233,-77.17109] [id:4758390]Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States, NA [42.29171,-85.58723] [id:4997787]Coronado, San Diego, California, United States, NA [32.68589,-117.18309] [id:5339663]Champaign, Champaign, Illinois, United States, NA [40.11642,-88.24338] [id:4887158]Florida, Florida, United States, NA [28.75054,-82.5001] [id:4155751]