Robert "Bob" Lichtman Oral History Interview


Robert "Bob" Lichtman Oral History Interview
Robert "Bob" Lichtman Oral History Interview
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Robert "Bob" Lichtman Oral History Interview
Upper West Side Seniors
October 5 2019
In this interview, Bob recalls first hearing about the attack on Pearl Harbor while listening to a 
football game on the radio. He remembers running to the living room to tell his parents and their friends who were shocked by the news. Bob also discusses the patriotic songs on the radio and movies he watched during World War II, like Casablanca. He shares recollections about war bonds, victory gardens, scrap metal collection, and food and gas rationing. Since President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared that professional baseball would continue during the war, Bob remembers seeing a sixteen-year-old short stop who played at the time, and the second baseman who was a violinist and could not hit. Finally, Bob reflects on how the war made him appreciate American democracy more after seeing fascism in Germany.
33m 41s
Robert "Bob" Lichtman, Interview, National Home Front Project, Washington College, Chestertown Maryland.
Interview was recorded by Karen Goodheart and Herb Goodheart; Susan Bronstein (wife) through Upper West Side Seniors for the Starr Center of the American Experience National Homefront Project.
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